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Finding the Right Marble & Granite Supplier for Your Bathroom & Kitchen Countertops

Italian marble and granite is considered to be one of the finest building materials in the world. Getting Italian marble and granite countertops for your kitchen and the bathrooms is a guaranteed way to give them a luxurious and elegant look. However, not all marble is made equal. We have remained the premier Italian marble supplier in Houston for many years and we know what makes marble so great.

Marble is extracted from quarries. Unlike other construction material that can be manufactured anywhere in the world, the quality of marble varies based on where it comes from. Italian marble has long been a hallmark of quality simply because it is the highest quality marble possible.

Ensuring That You Get Original Italian Marble

That is why we only pick marble that comes straight from an Italian quarry. Another problem is that there are a lot of fake Italian products available on the market. Usually, you can tell when you have genuine Italian marble in your countertops because it has the touch of quality which other marble doesn’t. It also stands the test of time. Both these things can, however, only be verified after the countertops have been installed and used for some time, and by then it is too late to do anything about it.


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Working Directly with Italian Quarries

We are Italian marble purists. To ensure that no one sells us any fake Italian marble and granite for countertops, we have a simple solution. We only purchase straight from Italian quarries. We do not contact any suppliers or traders of marble because there is always a chance that they may try to trick us and sell us marble that hails from somewhere else.

Thus, we work directly with Italian quarries and source all our marble from them. We know our marble is genuinely Italian because, well, we can see where it is coming out of the ground. We are the only supplier that works directly with an Italian quarry, not just in Houston but in all of the United States.

Working directly with an Italian quarry also has other advantages. We happen to have one of the largest selections of marble available. You will find more varieties when it comes to marble shape, colors, and sizes. We even cater to individual orders. Our main business is wholesale but we entertain individual orders and customize the order as well. You can have the marble in any shape or size that you need.


  • We purchased a gorgeous white marble countertop slab for our kitchen at Carrara Italian Marble Import for our kitchen renovation project. The sales representative was very professional and attentive. We very happy with the quality of the material and customer service.
    Jenny and Josh

Research Before you Buy

Whenever you go to buy Italian marble or granite for your countertops, you should ask the supplier where the marble comes from and how they know if it really does come from where they say. A trusted supplier will be able to tell you all about the origin of the stone and the quarry that it comes from.

We have been proudly serving customers in Houston and the rest of the country for a long time. When people come to us, they know that our marble comes from an Italian quarry because we can easily share information and details of the quarry with them. If your supplier cannot provide you with the same information, then you need to start looking elsewhere.

Authentic Italian Granite & Marble Countertops for Your Kitchen and Bathroom in Houston, Texas