Italian Granite & Marble Wall Tile

Finding the Best Italian Granite & Marble Wall Tile Supplier

Marble wall tiles are in a class of their own. Almost every luxury level house or building you enter will have marble wall tiles. Some of the highest-rated hotels in the world advertise the fact that genuine marble was used in the construction of the rooms. If you are looking for Italian granite and marble wall tiles, you have come to the right place. We are based in Houston and have been dealing with both Italian marble and granite for a long time. We know a lot about these tiles, so let us take you through four important things you need to keep in mind when it comes to the wall tiles.

#1 Country of Origin is the Most Important Factor

If we had to pick only one metric on which we could judge marble, it would be the country of origin. Marble and granite are both naturally occurring stones that are formed over millions of years. Some regions had the perfect conditions for high quality marble, while others had marble formations of a much lower quality. We work directly with an Italian quarry to ensure that we only get genuine natural Italian marble and granite.


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Why Italy?

Italy is considered to be the best place on earth for marble because of the quality and its aesthetics extracted from the region. Brazil is a close second, but nothing beats Italy. We are actually the only supplier in the country that works directly with an Italian quarry that extract genuine and authentic marble. We wanted to ensure that our product was as genuine as possible, and the best way to do that was to know precisely where the marble was being extracted from .

#2 Wall Tiles/Flooring Tiles

Marble and granite tiles are for both, walls and floors. There is only a minor difference between them. We would recommend placing a higher focus on the durability of the floor tiles because there will be weight on them. Cheap floor tiles will end up cracking. Italian marble and granite tiles will not.


  • We purchased a gorgeous white marble countertop slab for our kitchen at Carrara Italian Marble Import for our kitchen renovation project. The sales representative was very professional and attentive. We very happy with the quality of the material and customer service.
    Jenny and Josh

#3 Finding the Right Colors

One of our favorite things about marble is the variety of colors and patterns. Since the stone is naturally formed, different minerals can give it a different coloration. The price of the marble also depends on how rare the color is.

#4 Trust Your Supplier

The easiest way to get the best type of tiles is to know your supplier. Ask them where they source the products from and the different varieties that they have available. You should also ask whether the supplier will be able to provide the tiles in the exact measurements that you need. We work with both individual clients and wholesalers. Wholesalers are interested in huge slabs that they can cut according to their retail needs, while individual clients have very specific requirements for their personal renovation project. Make sure your supplier can meet your requirements successfully.

Authentic Italian Granite & Marble Wall Tile in Houston, Texas